Previously, I described to you my excitement for going to Europe, and participating in the SU Abroad Signature Seminar “Eurovision.” It was an incredible experience in which we visited 8 cities, in 5 different countries, over 12 days. During the day, we visited companies and organizations throughout the cities, including a number of European Union bureaucracies.

Among my favorite days was our visit to the Heineken Factory about an hour outside of Amsterdam, Holland. The visit takes you through one of their manufacturing facilities, and teaches you about the brewing process, bottling process, and how they package and export their products to the United States. Did you know that Heineken bottles in Holland are brown, not green? This is because the Netherlands has a unified bottle law, where all companies use the same bottles, so that they can be efficiently recycled and re-used by any beer company in the Netherlands.

The best part of the seminar was that after the visits were over, you were allowed to explore the cities on your own. Here’s a picture I took at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris:

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