Co-Curricular Transcript Acts as Additional Resource for Students

Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management recently joined other universities in introducing a co-curricular transcript. The transcript, which acts as a record of a student’s learning experiences outside of the classroom, was introduced in May 2019.

At Whitman, the transcript is tied to the Goodman IMPRESS Program. “We hope students will take advantage of the goals and objectives of the original design of implementing the co-curricular transcript,” says Kari Morrow, IMPRESS program manager. “Students have tangibility of accomplishments that they can use in reference for cover letters, resumes and interviews. The co-curricular transcript provides dates and details so students can accurately reference a visiting professional rather than generically mentioning a program, workshop or lecture they attended.”

Whitman joins institutions like the University of Tennessee, Iowa State University, Elon University and SUNY schools in offering this sort of extra transcript to students. 

“This transcript was created so students were able to have a tangible piece of evidence that showcases all of the co-curricular experiences students have at the university,” explains Jordan Smith-Porter, assistant director of the Center for Student Engagement at the University of Tennessee, in a 2018 news article detailing the project. 

In Whitman’s case, the idea for the co-curricular transcript came about when the management of the IMPRESS program was switched to Salesforce, which is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. “Salesforce has expanded the way in which we can capture data, store information, and execute reporting,” Morrow says. “Encouraged by the new opportunities Salesforce allowed us, the concept to provide a quantifiable way for students to track and demonstrate their engagement outside of the classroom was highly desired.”

Morrow worked with Lindsay Quilty, assistant dean for undergraduate programs, Whitman IT staff and Salesforce partners to make the co-curricular transcript ready and available for students. Morrow adds that they will continue to modify and enhance the transcript so that more activities based around Whitman are included, like club involvement, awards and recognitions, as well as community engagement. 

The IMPRESS program already has many benefits for students, including helping them learn about the different majors and what kinds of careers each major may bring. Also, being a part of this program allows students to further develop soft skills that will help them once they enter the workforce. 

The co-curricular transcript is one of various features that are being added to further innovate the already robust IMPRESS program. As for other changes, Morrow explains that they are in the works for upcoming semesters. “I see us finding more methods to reach students where they are to hopefully expand the engagement of students beyond the first and second years,” she shares. 

Students can find their personalized co-curricular transcripts by going to the homepage of the Goodman IMPRESS program

IMPRESS Program Transcript

Undergraduate students at the Whitman School have the opportunity to develop co-curricular transcripts* through the Goodman IMPRESS program, which compile all the activities and programs in which they engaged outside of the classroom. Designed to be used as a reference while preparing for internship and job interviews, the transcript helps students organize their total Whitman experience in a clear, easy-to-follow format.

In addition to indicating the IMPRESS score, which represents how active the student was in the IMPRESS program and how many of the experiential learning opportunities they took advantage of, the transcript lists speakers they attended, leadership development programs, certifications achieved and more. A sample co-curricular transcript is below:

* Current students can download their co-curricular transcript through the IMPRESS dashboard.

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