Closing the Deal

As demonstrated in my last post, the Career Center at Whitman is instrumental in helping students land jobs at top firms. Providing everything from professional development to steady career fairs and networking opportunities, the Career Center has been extremely helpful in preparing Whitman students for the job hunting process.


As a beneficiary of these services, I want to talk about how the career center helped me in my hunt for a career after college. My initial visit with a career counselor consisted of an in-depth conversation of potential career paths and promising companies that are recruiting candidates for sales training programs. The counselor provided me with the contact information of various alumni who are working in sales – which proved to be useful in understanding the culture and career offerings of a firm before you apply. In addition, Syracuse alumni are very loyal, and tend to go the extra mile in assisting current undergrads in getting connected with the appropriate recruiting personnel within their organization.


After applying and being offered interviews with several companies, I again visited the career center to discuss various interview questions and prepare to be my best. My career counselor provided me with a plethora of useful advice, which consisted of everything from basic interview etiquette to handling some of the toughest questions out there. These interviews went successfully and I was able to obtain eCareer Centermployment by November of my senior year.

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