“Class Act” Whitman Graduation Challenge

Each year, Syracuse University holds a “Class Act” senior gift campaign encouraging graduating seniors to give to the school prior to commencement. SU has historically had a relatively low giving rate compared to peer schools. We want Whitman to play a role in trending giving upward.

This year, we are launching the Class Act 2015 Whitman Graduation Challenge. A committee of 14 student leaders from the senior class is heading up the challenge by encouraging classmates to participate. They have set a participation goal of 50 percent, which is significantly higher than the past but far less than the 90 percent some peer schools achieve.

Without such gifts, the university would not be able to provide students with cutting-edge programs, modern facilities, scholarships and many other advantages that make for a first-class education experience.

  • Tuition and fees cover only 85 percent of the real cost of an SU education. Donor gifts help bridge the gap.
  • Typically, 75 percent of SU students receive some form of financial assistance, which is made possible, in part, through donations.
  • Senior gifts reflect the value students place on their education and connection to SU. The gifts help establish an early tradition of giving to Whitman and SU.
  • Participation influences national program rankings.

One generous Whitman alumnus has committed to match the total raised by Whitman’s seniors, and Whitman’s seniors are challenging Whitman alumni to match one senior’s gift with a $20.15 donation. You can donate online and, If you’d like to honor a senior, simply add his/her name in the “My Gift Is a Tribute” section.