To begin, I would just like to say how grateful and appreciative I am to be given the opportunity to upload blog posts throughout the summer for the Whitman School of Management. I am truly blessed and hope my readers are enjoying the content that I am posting!

For this post, I would like to share my own thoughts about a concept that I have struggled with in the past and had to overcome to find the success I have achieved up to this day. A major dilemma I see in many students, from early grade school up throughout college, is the unwillingness to move outside their comfort zone and allow for change. This is an issue that needs to be addressed because without a little change, many dreams will not be reached. That being said, my goal by the end of this post is for the general public to be able to exchange my two cents on this matter into millions of dollars of their own success and happiness by enabling change in their own lives.

From as far back as I can remember I found it hard to find the courage to try new things. If it was trying new foods, sports, or whatever it may be, I was extremely hesitant to change my old habits. By resisting these changes, I became very limited with many aspects of my life.

It didn’t hit me until my sophomore year at college. My freshman year was not what I pictured it when I got to Syracuse in the fall of 2012; it was not ideal. Long story short, I was not happy but in all honesty, that was my fault. Similar to how I was throughout grade school, I stuck to the same routine day in and day out and did not let change enter my life. I practically went to class, did my work, and then went to sleep…everyday. Being so ignorant about changing my daily patterns almost made me make the worst decision of my life, transferring from the prestigious Syracuse University and the Whitman School of Management. Thankfully, after finding the courage in myself, I gave SU another chance my sophomore year by breaking out of my comfort zone and changing many of the habits that I came accustomed to in the previous year.

I joined numerous organizations like Delta Sigma Pi and USAS, took on leadership positions as I am the Board Administrator for the Reneé Crown Honors Advisory Board, got two jobs as a campus ambassador for a prospering tutoring start-up called InstaEDU and as a member of Whitman’s social media support team, and met some of the greatest people that I am thrilled to call my friends. With everything going on in my life, I could not be any happier with my decision to attend Syracuse and Whitman!

 This may be my philosophical side kicking in but here is the moral of this whole blog post. Accepting change is difficult; trust me I know. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying change is a must. If you are happy, keep making yourself happy because in reality, that’s what is most important. If you find yourself displeased or miserable then change that. Try something new and stick with it because you never know where it will lead. Like I said before, I almost made a horrible decision to transfer but I am glad I broke out of my shell and as a result I am happier. Change can be mental, physical or emotional. However, regardless of the type of change, as long as it positively influences your well being, implement it. All in all, the only person that can change you is you. If you want to be happy then make yourself happy, all you have to do is allow for a little change.

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