Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Fraternity

-content by Tatiana Turner-

This semester I decided to pledge the accounting fraternity Beta Alpha Psi.  Open only to accounting majors – requiring GPA and service requirements, as well as an application for admission – Beta Alpha Psi members discuss current issues concerning their future professions.

This fraternity offers weekly meetings that give me the opportunity to speak with, and learn, from recruiters and accounting professionals first hand. Once a week, the members and pledges meet and listen to a presentation from an accounting firm. While the big four – Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG and Deloitte – all make an appearance at our meetings, we also have the opportunity to meet with smaller firms and see a different side of the accounting field.

Some firms that come visit take their relationship with our chapter of Beta Alpha Psi a step further by offering other events, such as the snow tubing with KPMG event a few weeks ago. I attended and it was definitely worth it. Not only did I get to go snow tubing and watch some of my more coordinated friends ski and snowboard, but I also got talk to KPMG recruiters over delicious Dinosaur Barbeque. Not only do events like this one give members the chance to get to know recruiters of these firms on a personal level, but it also helps us bond as a chapter.

Beta Alpha Psi provides a mentoring program that allows older students, usually seniors and graduate students, to connect with new pledges. By creating a connection between older members and new pledges, Beta Alpha Psi gives everyone the chance to learn from one another and provides them with a resource for all of their questions and problems.  So far, pledging Beta Alpha Psi has been a great experience that has given me an inside look of the accounting profession and helped me make connections to a number of other accounting students here in Whitman.

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