Believe to Achieve

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Due to the fact that my flight to Chicago got delayed, I have found a great deal of time to reflect on a topic where I hope my readers will learn some valuable lessons about work ethic and overcoming challenges.

One issue I see in many aspects of students thinking is the instant doubt they may have of their own abilities to perform. Now this could mean performing on a test, performing at a career fair, or even as dramatic as performing at everyday life itself. I have witnessed it countless times where students are given an opportunity to display their talents yet instantly discredit their skillset and capabilities. This irks me to a great extent. How does one, even before putting in the time and effort, immediately say he/she cannot excel if he/she hasn’t even given it a try? Growing up, my mom has taught me to always give it my all. It seems pretty normal for a mother to say something along these lines, however she did a great job to remind me each and every day that I should follow this advice. As a result of her persistence, that is exactly what I have done and it sure has been paying off.

Similar to my mom, Whitman has done a unbelievable job propelling me to great heights through diligence and proactive behavior. Being in class with such bright students, it requires a significant amount of effort both in and out of the classroom to achieve excellence. Despite facing courses where I find myself struggling greatly, I still discover ways to get the grade I desire. By posing questions to the professors in class, seeking out extra help through office hours, or even receiving help from my peers, I go to considerable lengths to succeed. By no means do I ever find myself looking to quit and neither should you.

I suppose this will become a common theme in my blog posts from now on, as this will be the final paragraph to give my lasting advice for the topic of discussion. When faced with a challenge, never give up…ever! Evaluate the situation, develop a plan of action, request help if needed, and execute to your fullest potential. You will be surprised by what you can accomplish when you give any task 110%. And most importantly, never trick yourself by saying you can’t do something because in reality, you can achieve whatever you want just as long as you put your mind to it. Believe in your abilities and good fortune will be earned. I will live by this mindset throughout my internship this summer with Deloitte as I will face many predicaments along the way, but I know I have it in me to thrive. Thank you to everyone wishing me the best and I appreciate all the positive feedback on my blog posts. I am completely open to hearing from my audience, so if there is anything that I should do differently or if you just want to talk individually about what I discuss, don’t hesitate to reach out! I just want to share my thoughts about life and provide guidance to those who seek it. My goal is to positively influence those who take the time to read my posts! Now that I am revising this after my trip to Chicago, I can definitely say that internship orientation has gotten me really excited for the rest of summer and has provided me with several ideas for future posts. Anyways until next week, see you all later!