A Day Outside of the Office…

-content by Hilary Tucker-

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, the impact of an internship is almost incomparable to any course, organization, or program you take part in during your undergraduate years. As I prepare for the final weeks of my last “student summer” I know this is such an important time to make the most of my internship experience.

Instead of going into work for my typical 7:30/8:00 arrival time, today I made my way uptown to the Mary Manning Walsh home for elderly care in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Today was my internship program’s community team works day – and the highlight of my internship experience so far!

One thing I learned early on in my internship is how much they want the interns to understand the company culture. They say this because for the 10 weeks of the program you are gathering a sense of what the firm is like and evaluating the firm just as much as they are evaluating you. At the end of the summer you should have a good understanding of the ideals of the firm and be able to gauge whether you could see yourself working there in the long-term. The community team works day made me realize how much I loved the firm. Each and every employee must pick one day a year to take part in a community team works day; a day devoted to volunteering at an organization, charity, or program of your interest. I’m sure all of you have that special connection to a program or charity that you would love to have you friends take part in. This is a great opportunity to actually see that through.

My intern class is comprised of 14 undergraduate students stemming from schools across the country including Cornell University, the University of Georgia, Columbia University, Barnard College, William and Mary College, and Baruch College. Although we did not know each other before the program, we have had many opportunities to attend networking events and even scheduled our own outings in order to get to know one another better. The community day however was what really brought us together. We spent the entire morning setting up for an indoor carnival for the residents of the home. We had the opportunity to help the kitchen staff provide lunch to the community and eventually guided the residents to each of the carnival stations. As excited as the staff was to have our help on such a hectic day, we were even happier to bring smiles to the faces of the residents who ranged in age 65 to 104!

It was really nice to spend a day outside of the office and we all left having learned a lot about the people we spoke with and about ourselves. It was an extremely rewarding experience and it was clear how impactful the firm was on this vibrant community.

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