13 Signs You’re a Business Student on Winter Break

1.  Your holiday gift list includes a subscription to Fast Company Magazine.

2.  Internship applications are the new black.

3.  You brought your business cards to your significant other’s family functions…networking opportunity, people!

4.  You can’t wait for a day off so you can make some progress on your Excel certification class.

5.  You check if your grades from last semester or your textbooks for next semester have been posted before you even check your Facebook in the morning.

6.  Instead of Netflix, you’re browsing NAICS codes.

7.  Time for some light reading…how about Predictably Irrational?

8.  You come back to a mailbox stuffed to the breaking point with all the Wall Street Journals you missed while you were home for the holidays.

9.  Instead of making Christmas cookies, you made a personal homepage.

10.  You come back from the mall not with Ugg boots or new yoga pants, but with a brand new suit. What’s up, outlet stores?

11.  Thanks for the Amazon gift card, Aunt Muriel…I can totally use this for textbooks! Woohoo!

12.  Suddenly a documentary on Bernie Madoff is the new A Christmas Carol.

13.  You say you’re not ready to go back, but you secretly miss your fellow business students and all the nerdy fun you have together.