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SUcess Week: Dressing for Success

SUcess Week: Dressing for Success

RS400678_present304In mid-February, Whitman hosted its first ever SUccess Week for the IMPRESS program. The week of February 16-19 hosted special events every evening:

Monday: Foundations of Networking
Tuesday: How to Communicate
Wednesday: How to Present Yourself
Thursday: Business Etiquette Dinner

Wednesday’s event, “How to Present Yourself,” offered two separate workshops for males and females, offering suggestions on what to wear in a business environment. This post focuses on the women’s section of Wednesday’s event. Lord and Taylor’s Jules Capesello and etiquette expert Miesje Havens led the event. Capesello began the event by stating the top attire faux pas for women: when outfits are too casual or are a bad fit.

Clothing highlighted by the student models fit into the business professional class. When going to interviews, Capesello mentioned that, “The first 30 seconds of the interview are what they’re going to remember forever.” To achieve the presentable and appropriate interview attire the following bullet points are key items from Capesello’s comments:

  • You should own a suit, especially one that has been altered and tailored
  • Bra fittings should be as often as eye appointments
  • Learn how your skin works. The cosmetic department at Lord and Taylor offers skin consultants
  • Use natural looking make-up for interviews
  • Lord and Taylor has personal shoppers that know where everything is and can take you through each department
  • If you wear a white blouse, wear a natural skin colored undergarments
  • Own a set of nude undergarments– bra, panties, slip (you need to own a slip)
  • Buy a half slip so you don’t have to freak out at the last minute
  • Hosiery is still necessary and very appropriate for the interview
  • You should be able to run in your closed front, sling back, or peep toe shoes
  • When choosing the interview outfit stay with solids
  • Jewelry Rule #1: No noise
  • Paint your nails a nude or light pink color


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