Meet the Whitman Instagram Ambassadors


For the next month, we’ll have five Whitman students taking over our Instagram account, @WhitmanatSU. They’ll be sharing photos from campus, documenting their life at SU as a Whitman student. Get to know them and be sure to follow along all throughout the month!

notatthetablecarlosFebruary 14–20: Carlos Rodriguez Sanchez,
Majors: Real Estate, EEE
Why do you love Instagram?
Instagram provides a platform where you can express yourself and the beauty of your surroundings in pictures.
What is your favorite thing to photograph?
People, architecture, incredible views, and anything that catches my eye.  I am quite picky with what I post.
What is your favorite thing about Whitman?
Since the Whitman building was designed for social interaction, the environment in the building has created an open culture where ideas are spread and innovation rules.
Fun Fact: I have many nicknames. They include, C.Rod, C.Los, Los, Rod, crod, Carlito, Carlitos, Charlie, and my favorite: Papi. But call me C.Rod


February 21–27: Sumeyya Gokcan, @sumeyy.a
Major: MBA, marketing concentration
Why do you love Instagram?
Photography. It is my way to realize on every single path of. When I look through my camera’s lens, I start to see more than I’ve previously seen, and this is what I am passionate about; seeing deeper and having a perspective.
What is your favorite thing to photograph?
My favorite is working on portraits. I like to communicate with people. When we catch each other’s eyes once and acknowledge it, I feel communication that is beyond words, a kind of language. Each piece of photography is the one second of my moments I had. Captures are flash for the moments I have been in, I like to see and show them without hiding anything.
What is your favorite thing about Whitman?
Marketing is people, business is people. School is where you learn how to communicate and involve these forms. I like how people are friendly and open to learning. It has been just month but my awareness is already further than I could imagine!
Fun fact:
I am half Arab, half Turkish. I am from Istanbul.

LanyfngFebruary 28– March 5: Lanyan Feng, @lanyfng
Majors: EEE and Supply Chain Management
Why do you love Instagram?
Instagram is an app that you can discover many inspiring things and it is an amazing app that you could share your memories with others.
What is your favorite thing to photograph?
Artistic buildings.
What is your favorite thing about Whitman?
I love how Whitman offers different types of activities for students.
Fun fact: Sometimes I go out just to take pictures! 

Deedi_bMarch 6–12: Deedi Boland, @deedi_b
Major: MBA, Marketing concentration
Why do you love Instagram?
I love Instagram because it’s a platform that lets us share our most impactful images. You don’t put every picture you take on Instagram; you put the pictures that really matter on Instagram. A person’s Instagram account can show you what they value most.
What is your favorite thing to photograph?
That’s a hard one! I guess I just like to photograph my favorite things about my lifestyle, especially books, yoga poses, and the people I love.
What is your favorite thing about Whitman?
I love that Whitman is a small family within the larger University community. I also love how everyone acts like a cheerleader for everyone else when it comes to searching for internships and jobs!
Fun fact: Even though I’m hoping to go into digital marketing, one of my undergraduate degrees was in theatre with a concentration in dance! I love when people ask me how the two relate. 

JFallMayMarch 20–26: Jennie May, @jfallmay
Majors: Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Public Relations
Why do you love Instagram?
It is a platform that focuses on only the most important content, it is norm to post only one photo a day and it increases ‘likes’ as followers only have to double tap the photo.
What is your favorite thing to photograph?
With my big camera, water and waves, with my phone, things I see walking around the SU campus.
What is your favorite thing about Whitman?
Sitting in the atrium on a sunny Sunday, it’s my place to go for peace and quiet.
Fun fact: I was able to backpack Europe this summer and even ran into a person from my hometown in Copenhagen, Denmark! I shared some of the highlights of the trip on Instagram as well.

Meghan Rimol

Meghan Rimol is a communications intern at the Martin J. Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University. She is in her senior year at SU, pursuing a dual major in public relations and information management and technology. In her spare time, Meghan enjoys staying active through running, skiing, biking, hiking and participating in a variety of intramural sports.

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