#WhyMBA at @WhitmanatSU?

Recently, the Whitman School had been in battle with over 180 other business schools across the country.  The battleground was Twitter, the weapons were reasons to earn an MBA, especially at Whitman, and the victory was recognition from Bloomberg Businessweek.  My peers and I each tweeted multiple times a day in order to rack up more mentions than the other schools.  I am proud to say that our relatively-small, 80-person program finished 9th overall!  However, this achievement wasn’t the only good to come out of the competition; the attention being paid to tweet-opportunities highlighted all the amazing pieces that come with the Whitman puzzle.  As we approach the Thanksgiving season, remembering the stories and experiences behind these tweets has made me more grateful than I could have imagined.  To give you some context, here are the words Bloomberg reported that Whitman students used the most in their tweets:

   –   “International” and “Week”: The final week of the #WhyMBA competition was Whitman’s annual International Week, which celebrates cultures around the world for five days in a row. We have sporting events, a talent night, guest speakers, and an “around the world” expo.  This celebration reflects that Syracuse is majorly on-point when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

International Week   –   “Class” and “Learning”: We tweeted to the world about all kinds of amazing things we were learning in classes those few weeks! We got to critique our own interview habits via video recording, advise a local business about how to increase foot traffic and sales, watch “Epic Rap Battles of History” between Hayek and Keynes, and so much more. How cool is that?

Class   –   “Students” and “Fun”: We had some great times socializing among ourselves during the competition as well. Many of our international peers got to experience Halloween for the first time ever, as well as see their first snowfall.  It’s good to know that even though we are here primarily to learn and better ourselves professionally, we also know how to spend quality time together experiencing new things.

students   –   “Competition”: Shout out to the Whitman Graduate Student Organization for organizing the annual Whitman Mini-Case Competition!  The first-year students got their feet wet in the world of case competition, which is an unbelievably valuable learning opportunity.  Working with real situations and numbers in order to find innovative and well-reasoned solutions to major business problems is a skill that we can take anywhere in life.  While the competition was taken seriously, I also love that everyone supported everyone else along the way as well.  My Whitman family is so great.


   –   “Entrepreneurship,” “Experience,” and “Local”: Experiential Learning is majorly ingrained into the Whitman model, and so there are endless opportunities to get involved and learn by doing. The Whitman Consulting Club has been instrumental in connecting students to these situations, including the Falcone Center for Entrepreneurship’s Bootcamp for local business owners. We have be fortunate enough to sit in and learn basic entrepreneurial principals alongside amazing Syracuse residents, as well as offer them what help we can give with the challenges they face.


So, is anyone still in doubt as to #WhyMBA at @WhitmanatSU? I don’t think so.  This Thanksgiving, I know what I will be giving thanks for…besides the Turkey, that is!