#WhitmanWatch: Scott Dawe

MBA Class of 2017
Concentration: Entrepreneurship
Hometown: Northborough, MA
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/scott-dawe-53655b68

After graduating from West Point in 2007 with a degree in history, Scott Dawe spent eight years as an officer in the United States Army. He held various positions in the Army, including platoon leader, where he was responsible for managing 18 to 20 people; logistics and operational planner; and Company Commander, which required him to lead 93 to 120 people.

Following his most recent assignment, Scott decided to pursue an MBA at the Whitman School, specializing in entrepreneurship. He chose Whitman because he felt that it was a school focused on the quality of the education it provides students. Now as an MBA candidate, Scott said he has been thoroughly impressed by Syracuse University and particularly the school’s veteran outreach services. “They really seem to have your back and provide a wonderfully supportive environment in which to pursue my advanced education,” said Scott.

During his time at Whitman, Scott plans to become involved with the new Consurtio program, which will provide him the opportunity to apply skills in management consulting in a real-world setting. Scott’s overall goal for his Whitman education is to be exposed to a variety of different business environments and experiences, and he feels that Consurtio is the perfect opportunity to pursue that goal. “I hope that my problem solving skills and leadership experience will allow me to take part in some very interesting projects, both helping businesses and enhancing the club’s reputation,” said Scott.

Following completion of his degree, he plans to re-enter active duty and bring his skills to serve as a better leader and administrator within the Army.  “I really want to re-enter the Army with a unique set of organizational management skills that I can use to solve Army problems more effectively and efficiently,” explained Scott. “I want to learn how and why businesses are successful, and figure out how to make whatever organization within the Army I go to next the beneficiary of the skills I develop while at Whitman.”