#WhitmanWatch: Nishtha Choudhary

Editor’s note: This week’s #WhitmanWatch students are all graduating members of the Whitman School’s social media team. They’ve been blogging for the past several months; this time, they are the featured stories. Whitman thanks them for all their hard work and wishes them well as future alumni of Syracuse University! 

Class of 2016
Majors: MBA
Minor: Marketing
Hometown: New Delhi, India
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nishthachoudhary
Fun Fact: “I do not know how to swim but I have participated in almost all water sports including jet skiing, parasailing, scuba diving and snorkeling. I am planning to try surfing next.”

MBA student Nishtha Choudhary has always had a strong sense of adventure. It was this sense of adventure, and the prospect of starting a successful career in marketing that drew her more than 7,200 miles away from her home in New Delhi, India to attend Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management.

“I wanted to travel abroad and study away from home,” said Choudhary. “The Whitman School offered me this opportunity and more. Their MBA marketing program’s strong reputation for exceptional experiential learning made me feel confident that I would get a good and exciting education.”

While at Whitman, Choudhary participated in extracurricular activities, such as the Whitman Graduate Student Organization, where she served as an executive board member. She also explored career options and worked in New York City for Kara Ross, a jewelry designer, as a marketing intern.

“Whitman encourages their students to participate in internships to gain more experience,” said Choudhary. “The internship taught me a lot about marketing in the fashion industry. It also helped me experiment and enhance my skills in Photoshop and Google Analytics.”

Now, as Choudhary approaches graduation, her Whitman education has provided her with the skills and experience necessary to succeed in a marketing career.

“I learned interpersonal skills, which are extremely important in the real-world,” said Choudhary. “I also learned how to manage people.”

While Choudhary is excited about moving forward and continuing her career journey, graduation for her feels bittersweet as she will miss life as a student and seeing her fellow classmates every day. Choudhary remembers her first week at Whitman fondly.

“MBA orientation week was my favorite period of the degree,” said Choudhary. “I enjoyed going to Minnowbrook Conference Center with all my classmates and getting to know them for the first time.”

After graduation, Choudhary plans to explore the United States with family. While she is still searching for employment opportunities, Choudhary has no trouble waiting for the right job match.

“I am still looking for the perfect job that will best suit my profile and interests,” said Choudhary. “I am willing to wait for the right opportunity to cross my path.”

To the incoming class of 2020, Choudhary recommends participating in as many extracurricular activities as possible. She encourages students to join clubs, be part of student organizations and take the opportunity to interact with other students.

“I don’t think I would be the person I am today without these activities,” said Choudhary. “I believe that working in multiple dynamic teams helped me enhance my experience at Syracuse University so indulge in as many activities as you can!”


Arielle Spears