#WhitmanWatch: Himanshu Soni

MBA Class of 2016
Concentration: Finance
Hometown: New Delhi, India
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/himanshusoni9

When Himanshu Soni was offered the opportunity to participate in an annual stock pitch competition hosted by Credit Suisse called the HOLT Valuation Challenge, he was eager to take the chance to expand his knowledge of finance and challenge himself outside of the classroom. Out of the 2,200 students from 253 universities across the globe that participated in the challenge, Himanshu was identified as one of 24 top performers selected as “HOLT Champions.”

The challenge consisted of three stages. The first stage was a three-week game beginning in April that required participants to master Credit Suisse’s proprietary valuation software and demonstrate their expertise through weekly assignments. Next, 586 participants went on to stage two, where they were asked to submit a stock pitch video for one of five pre-determined companies. Finally, 130 participants were asked back for stage three, which consisted of a series of interviews that allowed the Credit Suisse academic review board to identify the HOLT Champions.

“It took months to understand and apply an altogether different valuation approach and methodology,” explained Himanshu. “It was thrilling to compete with the best of the best from across the globe. I feel satisfied, content and accomplished having excelled at the competition.”

Prior to attending Syracuse, Himanshu received his bachelor’s degree with honors in business, economics and finance from the University of Delhi. He then held numerous positions in portfolio management and investments at various local and multinational firms. Himanshu chose to pursue his MBA at Whitman because of the small class sizes, diversity of backgrounds and experiences, experiential learning opportunities, proximity to the Financial District and the scholarship program—plus surprisingly, the weather: he explained, “Given my love for snow and winters, Whitman was always on the top of my list!”

Following graduation, Himanshu hopes to work at a company where he can creatively apply his expertise in corporate finance, financial planning and analysis, and merger and acquisition strategy. “I have always been fascinated by the idea of how the finance world works; the way numbers, fundamentals, strategies, and market sentiments continue to stir markets, and create opportunities for corporations and investors at the same time,” said Himanshu.

Himanshu doesn’t only apply himself in terms of creative finance methodologies. In fact, his accomplishments span much further than the business world: In August 2011, Himanshu and four friends saved an airplane when they noticed its engine on fire and quickly informed authorities. They were later awarded a Commendation Roll from the government of Delhi and the Delhi Police for saving the lives of 355 people.

You can view Himanshu’s video entry for the HOLT Valuation Challenge here.