#WhitmanWatch: Endrinë Rafuna

After receiving a scholarship for her graduate studies through the Transformational Leadership Program funded by the United States and Kosovo governments, Endrinë Rafuna ’18 MBA had to pick a school at which she believed she could thrive. Researching schools recommended to her by her scholarship advisors, she found that Syracuse University‘s Martin J. Whitman School of Managment’s comprehensive curriculum, diverse student body and successful alumni base seemed to be the perfect fit.

Before arriving at Whitman, Rafuna earned a bachelor’s from the Rochester Institute of Technology campus in Kosovo. She had also interned at ProCredit Bank and Public International Law and Policy Group in Kosovo, in addition to working at Management and Development Associates, a leading Kosovo consulting firm. At Whitman, the close-knit graduate student community has pleasantly surprised Rafuna.

“It really allows each one of us to equally interact with professors and administrators, ask for advice about career opportunities, share opinions and discuss ideas,”Rafuna explained.

Rafuna appreciates the supportive community at Whitman and understands the value of relationships.

“Building relationships is an important skill both in college and the business world,” she shared. “You could be the brightest person with great technical skills, but if you don’t have a network of people with whom you can work and who can assist you in getting new opportunities, it will be difficult to progress in your career.”

Rafuna feels the most beneficial aspect of her time at Whitman has been the classroom experience.

“The professors strive to include student opinions and perspectives in their teaching,” she explained. “Classrooms are treated as a learning experience both for the students and the professors, which is highly valuable, since we all bring different perspectives to discussions about what works and does not work in a business environment.”