#Whitman Watch: An Ni Hsu G ’20

Name: An Ni Hsu

Graduation Year: 2020

Major(s):  M.S. in Marketing

Hometown: Taoyuan, Taiwan

An Ni Hsu G ’20 was immediately interested in the flexibility of the master’s in marketing program that encompassed both a rigorous academic schedule along with practical internship experience. This flexibility has been key in allowing Hsu to take part in a summer internship at Consumer Reports which will be key in securing future employment in the United States.

Moving to Syracuse, New York was a big step for Hsu and she faced some uncertainty about leaving her home of Taiwan. After researching the program at the Martin J. Whitman School of Management, Hsu was convinced that Whitman could provide the innovative education needed to begin a career in marketing.

A course focused on digital marketing has been impactful for Hsu during her first year at Whitman. In this class, S.P. Raj, professor of marketing, challenges students to discover different aspects in the ever-changing field of digital marketing. Some of these topics include developing skills in the areas of content marketing, email marketing, html and a variety of other in-demand tools.

According to Hsu, “The faculty in the marketing program is very knowledgeable about current trends in the field and I feel I am strongly prepared to hit the ground running both as intern and future professional.”

The collaborative nature of a Whitman education was also an aspect of the program Hsu believes sets the School apart. In the marketing program, students take every course with MBA students, which means you have the opportunity to network with other potential employers and work with people from different backgrounds.

“The Whitman community is incredibly welcoming and is made up of individuals from a variety of professional backgrounds,” explained Hsu. “Being able to network with students from the United States but also other international locations truly does give Whitman a global feel.”

Hsu is a prime example of the quote above based on her past experience as a filmmaker. Hsu has seen through her education at Whitman that storytelling skills are paramount to success in the marketing profession.

In her previous career experience, Hsu wrote story for film and formed a shooting team to visualize it. It was fun but Hsu felt powerless when clients didn’t like her ideas. Seeking to find a justification for her creative decisions is where Whitman filled the gap.

“I kept asking myself how these things happened. And then I found out maybe I need to hone my storytelling and persuasive skills more. That’s when marketing came in,” said Hsu.

Now, Hsu is putting her education to work with an internship at Consumer Reports on its digital marketing team. Consumer Reports is a nonprofit organization dedicated to unbiased product testing, investigative journalism, consumer-oriented research, public education and consumer advocacy. Hsu will be utilizing her marketing education as means to collaborate with multiple teams at Consumer Reports to improve recognition of its non-profits testing services.

“If it were not for my Whitman education I would not be able to perform my role effectively on a daily basis,” said Hsu. “I’ve really enjoyed applying the broad skillset I have learned in the marketing program and hope to continue this growth well into the future.”

Bill Conallen