Whitman School Celebrates Partnership with National Black MBA Association

In March, Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management held a reception to celebrate its recent partnership with the National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA) as part of the Collegiate Partnership Program.

The event provided an opportunity for students, faculty and staff to connect with members of NBMBAA, network and openly discuss how to further the partnership in order to create a more diverse and inclusive environment within the Whitman School.

NBMBAA was founded in 1970 and aims to “lead in the creation of educational, wealth building, and growth opportunities for those historically underrepresented throughout their careers as students, entrepreneurs and professionals.”

According to Alex McKelvie, associate dean for undergraduate and master’s education at the Whitman School, the organization’s partnership with the Whitman School is multi-faceted, including merit-based scholarships, school-sponsored competition teams and career development opportunities.

“Diversity in thinking and backgrounds is one of the most important factors for innovation and peak performance,” McKelvie noted earlier this year during the launch of this partnership. “Whitman graduates will need to master working together in a world of accelerating change.” 

The Whitman School is looking forward to the future of this partnership, and is excited to continue holding events to further diversity efforts in tandem with the NBMBAA Collegiate Partnership Program.

NBMBAA leader with Whitman School leaders
Tamu Brown-Hutchinson, president of the National Black MBA Association, Western New York Chapter (center), Dean Gene Anderson (left) and Alex McKelvie (right), associate dean for undergraduate and master’s education, at the reception to celebrate the recent partnership.
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