Whitman Graduate Students Celebrate International Week 2013

Content by: Aayushi Chiripal ’14 MBA

From November 12th through November 15th the Whitman School of Management was all about fun, food and fiesta as we celebrated the Whitman International Festival 2013 in association with Whitman Graduate Student Organization and Kiebach Center. Our international festival brings together the entire Whitman Graduate Community to celebrate the international diversity that all of us bring along.

We began international week with online trivia fun in which various students and faculty participated and learned something extra about the world each day. We hosted the Whitman Olympics with students, faculty and staff participating in soccer, cricket and basketball. Teams were divided up between Team USA and Team Rest of the World. The overall champions were Team Rest of the World. Thursday was about discovering the hidden talent amongst the Whitman community through Whitman X-Factor and Whitman’s got Talent. Whitman X-Factor was the talent show for Professors and staff while Whitman’s Got Talent was for students. Indeed, Whitman has a lot of hidden talent apart from management!

Friday afternoon, we had a grand opening with the Whitman World Tour in which we had country exhibitions from India, China, Korea, Middle East, America and Guatemala. These exhibitions where set up by several Whitman graduate students and they shared a piece of their country with everyone through games and souvenirs. Then the finale event of Whitman International Festival:  “Whitman World on Your Platter” which was a large food festival. There where cuisines like Indian, Chinese, Korean, Middle Eastern, Brazilian, Puerto Rico, Japanese and Italian. Thus, Whitman International Festival marked its closure with long lasting flavor for everyone until it comes back in 2014!