MBA Reflections: Prashanth Kammili, ’16 MBA

In this MBA Reflections blog post series, we will be featuring the profile and thoughts of a select few Whitman MBA students graduating in May of 2016.

Episode 1: Prashanth Kammili
Major: Marketing with Analytics Focus
Background: Electronics and Communications Engineering
LinkedIn Profile:

Why an MBA?

I have a passion for electronics. After working with my undergraduate degree, I wanted to move away from the technical aspects of product design. So, I got into coding while working at Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd. as an applications developer where I worked on the database end of the applications at Oracle. I then developed a passion for marketing because of the role which data plays in it. I decided to get an MBA to get non-technical managerial training and focus on the analysis of data.

Why Whitman?

I applied to quite a few schools. I connected with people who attended Whitman on Facebook and asked loads of questions. At the end of the day, I ultimately decided that Whitman was the best choice and that it was the school that met my needs the most.

What have you gained from your time at Whitman?

My communication and presentation skills have improved. I gained the data analysis and managerial training that I pursued my MBA for while also gaining industry and consulting experience through class projects, working with clients in the Whitman Consulting Club, and internship opportunities. Overall, I am satisfied with my time at Whitman.

What are your most memorable moments from your time at Whitman?

The time spent in the student lounge and team rooms working on projects with classmates.


I worked very closely with my Whitman career center advisor, Marissa Smith. With her help, I had the opportunity to choose between three internships. My first MBA internship was over the summer of 2015 at Digital Air Strike in San Jose, California as an Innovation Center Intern. Digital Air Strike, among many other services, carries out lead generation and social media management for auto dealers. I worked on a new project on which I researched different industries for the company’s applications. I was also able to analyze three years of data surrounding client and customer satisfaction and redesigned surveys that they use for market research purposes.

Are your goals or plans different since starting your MBA?

My goals prior to beginning my MBA were to become a business analyst and, ultimately a manager. I still want to do these things, but I’d like to eventually obtain my Ph.D. in analytics and market research.

What is your dream job?

My dream job is to be a consumer insights manager while professing academically.

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