MBA Reflections: Deedi Boland, ’16 MBA

In this “MBA Reflections” blog post series, we will be featuring the profile and thoughts of a select few Whitman MBA students graduating in May of 2016.

Episode 2: Deedi Boland
Major: Marketing
Background: Double Major in Management and Theater
LinkedIn Profile:

Why an MBA?

Generally, I wanted to get a master’s degree because I always push myself to higher standards. I didn’t want to have a career that I would have to uproot to go back to school. So, I decided to start straight after obtaining my bachelor’s degree. I knew that I loved marketing but I wanted to find a more focused niche that I could be passionate about.

Why Whitman?

I grew up in the area and grew up going to Syracuse basketball games. I knew about and loved the community and always wanted to be a part of it.

What have you gained from your time at Whitman?

I found my niche of digital marketing through being a part of Whitman Consulting Club and helping entrepreneurs through the Boot-Camp program. The entrepreneurs always seemed to need help with their social media and website content. I also realize this need through my role of VP of PR for Whitman Women in Business. So, I learned different tools, like Word Press, Hubspot, Hootsuite, Square Space, and basic SEO to be able to more effective and helpful in these roles.

I also gained a greater appreciation and learned the importance of data and analytics through my internships and experiential learning projects. I am glad that I realized this while I still had the opportunity to learn more about them through my elective classwork.

Mostly, I made great friendships and personal connections that will last for many years outside of this building.

What are your most memorable moments from your time at Whitman?

Through being VP of PR of Whitman Women in Business I was part of organizing a female empowerment event called Art of the Female workforce workshop. Everyone who attended spoke about how much they enjoyed it and how much they got out of it. It reaffirmed the efforts that I put into it.

Another thing I remember is presenting a 75-page book of digital marketing strategy that my team and I had worked on for a digital marketing class to a client. Hearing their appreciation for our work and seeing their eventual adoption of some of our recommendations was really rewarding.


I interned with EarQ over the winter of 2014 and the summer of 2015 as a communication research and content creation intern. They handed their social media accounts over to me and I was able to introduce a social media content schedule through Hootsuite so that it would automatically post important messages. I was able to increase their Twitter impressions by 650 percent as well as write 25 blog posts. My biggest project was creating a corporate communication guidebook from scratch, including: design, brand tone, and structured templates for all corporate communication documents. This was so that they could hand it over to any new hire and they could get a sense of direction for what they needed to do in their role and what it means to speak on behalf of EarQ.

Are your goals or plans different since starting your MBA?

Yes, when I came in I had many different interests but through my MBA I was able to narrow down my interest and focus on it.

What is your dream job?

I want to work for a values positive organization and utilize my digital marketing skillset. If I can work with a team— that’s really a team — while making a difference in the world then I will be happy.


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