WGSO- Emily Bolton ’12 MSE

At Whitman, we have a great resource for students- the WGSO, Whitman Graduate Student Organization!  This is essentially the student government that helps bring together MBA, M.S. Finance, M.S. Accounting and M.S. Entrepreneurship students socially, academically and professionally.  I’m the MS Entrepreneurship representative, and have really enjoyed participating in the group so far!

The WGSO works with the administration to bring student concerns and interests to light, and we’ve already put on some well-received programs this year.  Our career center puts on great programming, and the WGSO seeks to complement it by having student-run ‘workshops.’  We conducted sessions on interviewing and networking skills last semester where students could exchange tips and bounce ideas off of one another in a relaxed, personal setting.

We also put on tailgates before football games and an International Week to recognize the many varied cultures of our classmates.  We are starting intramural soccer and basketball teams, planning a ski trip for next semester, and generally involving students in Whitman and Syracuse professionally and academically.  It’s been great to get so involved in Whitman, and even better getting to know my classmates!  It’s really exciting to be making a difference in the school and helping my peers have their voices heard.

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