The city that beckons

Content by Aishik Barua ’15 MBA

Up until a few months back, New York City was a dream. However, this Thanksgiving was the fifth time I visited the city (that’s what we call the city that never sleeps, here in upstate New York) ever since having come to Syracuse from India.

The travel bug bit me as a kid. It’s probably hereditary because my parents are big on traveling as well. Having toured across the length and breadth of India, it was time to find a new destination. Grad school in the USA was the perfect opportunity. Even if it meant studying in a quaint snowy town in upstate New York. When I came here though, I realized, the city was only an hour flight (or a 4 hour car drive) and my parents, 21 hours. So, with no one to stop me from spending that extra buck and that inherent need to explore new places, I took off for NYC one weekend. Ever since, I have kept visiting the city. With school, coursework, club activities and working as a student assistant, life gets tedious and taking a break to explore someplace new is one of the best decisions ever. Walking down cobbled side-streets with a coffee in hand, taking in the towering buildings, the little shops, the big stores, the hotdog stalls, the busy people, the amusing tourists (count me in), and the vibes of a big city is an experience in itself. Every time I visit, NYC seems to grow a little bit bigger and there seem to be more places to explore.

On my last visit, I got to celebrate my first American Thanksgiving dinner at the family home of a friend who I had met on my first trip to NYC. It was a big fat feast that included everything from a beautifully glazed turkey to a red velvet cake with scrumptious frosting. It was  a ‘food-coma’ day for me. And now I am looking forward to my first snowy Christmas and the festive cheer of the city that everyone seems to rave about (especially because finals will be over next week!)