Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management Adds Business Analytics Specialization to its MBA Program

Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management is now offering a specialization in business analytics to its MBA program, both on-campus and online through MBA@Syracuse. This brings the number of concentrations to seven; the other six include accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing management, real estate and supply chain management.

The business analytics specialization prepares students for an analytical career in the fields of accounting, finance, marketing and supply chain management through techniques in data collection, data visualization, statistical and pattern analysis, and data mining. Business analytics experts rely on pattern analysis in data to develop marketing and pricing strategies, detect accounting fraud, optimize supply chain operations and minimize risk while optimizing profit in financial portfolios.

“Business analytics is one of the fastest growing areas of opportunity for MBA students,” said Donald Harter, associate dean of graduate programs for Whitman. “We have seen job opportunities for professionals in business analytics accelerate at high rates over the past three years, and we anticipate this demand to continue on its upward trajectory as data-driven roles within businesses continue to grow.”

The Whitman School announced in February it will begin offering an M.S. in business analytics both on-campus and online through BusinessAnalytics@Syracuse.

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