Summer Internship – July Update

Hello again from San Antonio!  I’m over halfway through my summer internship at USAA so I wanted to update you on how things are going.  The finish line is in sight for my first project, and I’m looking forward to seeing the end result.  Working on this project has enabled me to experience how a process improvement team can come together, analyze the current processes in place, and work to make improvements.  These improvements, in turn, will help others become more effective and more productive employees.  And, most importantly, these improvements indirectly create a better customer experience!

The second team I am working with is a project cost team.  We’ve been assigned the task to create a spreadsheet that captures forecast and actual costs for all the projects the team is working on, and to develop a quarterly summary for the managers and director analyzing large variances to forecast.  This work is very similar to the type of projects I worked on as a financial analyst so I’ve been able to jump right in and contribute to the team.

Outside of work I’ve stayed busy continuing to explore San Antonio and the surrounding areas.  My husband Jake is in town visiting for two weeks, and we’ve seen a lot of interesting and fun places.  We spent my day off on the 4th of July caving at the Natural Bridge Caverns.  We had been caving before in Kentucky, but this was a very different experience.  In order to get us into the cave, we were lowered on a rope down a 160 foot mine shaft!

Laura and Jake inside the Natural Bridge Caverns

This past weekend we traveled to Fredericksburg, TX, a town about an hour north of where I live in San Antonio.  While there, we stayed in an 1894 Pullman train car that is now used as a bed & breakfast.  Theodore Roosevelt once used the car on one of his trips to North Texas.  Our weekend was packed with hiking, touring Lyndon B. Johnson’s ranch, and visiting the Pacific War Museum.

1894 Pullman Palace Train Car

I’ll be updating you one last time in August at the conclusion of my internship.  Thanks for reading!

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