Summer in NYC – Davis Hull ’13 MBA

Time is flying by. I have already been in NYC for five weeks. It’s a culmination of sorts as I waited forever for this summer to get here and now it’s flying by. Allow me to reintroduce myself. I am Finance major at Whitman. I worked in financial services before my MBA and I am working at an investment bank this summer in NYC.

The work I am doing is exhilarating. A day goes by so fast. I read for two hours before going to work, to keep an edge on everyone. Each and every day I feel like I am going to battle. I am learning a lot and feel that I am able to work with some of the smartest people in the world. The internship is definitely an affirmation that this is what I want to do post-MBA.

Outside of work, I am embracing my inner tourist. Being a History major in undergrad I love taking part in all things cultural. I have been to a different museum each weekend, along with a litany of parks, plays and art shows.  I love this city and can’t wait to live here after graduation.