Student Profile: Marie-Jose Michel Sanchez ’21

Marie-Jose Michel Sanchez

Student Spotlight: Marie-Jose Michel Sanchez ’21

Hometown: Miami, Flordia
Degree: Online M.S. in Professional Accounting

Marie-Jose Michel Sanchez ’21 M.S. is an individual who exemplifies the term “life-long learner.” Earning a bachelor’s degree in accounting in 1993 from the University of Florida wasn’t enough, so she decided to pursue a graduate degree at the Whitman School in 1994. Fast forward to today, and Sanchez is back yet again, completing her master’s degree in professional accounting.

While at Syracuse University the first time, Sanchez had an internship with Carrier Corporation. There she was introduced to Raymond Carter, who would serve as her boss and a mentor who shaped her career decisions.

Sanchez says, “I was afforded the opportunity to understand how accounting could serve as a strategic and transformational tool within an organization. Execution upon this mindset has served as a pivotal determinant of my career successes.”

Like many, life got in the way, and Sanchez’s plan took a detour. She says, “I deviated from my path after I had my first child. As it seems, all things began and ended with him.” Sanchez is a wife and mother of four now, and she felt a need to pick up her graduate studies after her first child was accepted at Syracuse University in 2019.

“Being the child of Haitian immigrant parents, there was the constant pressure to succeed and capitalize on the opportunities they afforded me,” she says of the foundation to excel instilled in her. “Have no regrets. Go for opportunities; you have nothing to lose.”

Working as the director of accounting at Assurance, a global insurance company, Sanchez decided that this time around an online program was the best fit. She says, “The online structure is more interactive than I expected. I truly enjoy it. I was enrolled in an entrepreneurship course in spring 2020 and am enrolled in a financial statement analysis course for fall 2020. Both are highly relevant.”

“The continued pursuit of my master’s in accounting and subsequent certification as a CPA will serve to round out my skill set, allowing me to be well positioned for future opportunities within academia and consultancy,” she says.

Sanchez is pleased that she chose Syracuse University a second time. “There is an energy at Whitman — from my fellow students to the professors — that calls for the pursuit of excellence. I reveled in that energy when I previously attended Syracuse University, and it is still there today upon my return. I have carried that unmatched Whitman standard of quality with me throughout my professional career and the mark of distinction it has provided.”

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