Recent Graduate Continues Education at Whitman with Forever Orange Scholarship

Elizabeth Gordon ’20 (ECS), ’22 MBA has a long-term goal, which is to work in STEM and develop a product to empower women. She explains, “I want to work in the engineering field for 10 years or so and then I hope to one day own a nonprofit organization that helps women in underdeveloped countries by redesigning a sustainable tampon or something along that line if this has not already been done by then.”

Gordon, whose hometown is Radnor, Pennsylvania, just graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering from Syracuse University’s College of Engineering and Computer Science. She traces her passion for engineering back to secondary school, “I chose my major because I loved math and science in high school, I was never any good in my history or English classes.” 

She explains how she decided to attend Syracuse University, “I knew Syracuse had a good program for engineering. After I took the first semester of engineering courses I knew that I would stick with it because engineers are what make almost everything in our society today, and even though I may have struggled in some courses, I loved learning about the different subjects.”

During her senior year, Gordon was also part of the drone club and the intramural volleyball team. 

(Gordon and her intramural volleyball team.)

To broaden her skillset, Gordon has decided to pursue a graduate degree outside of the College of Engineering and Computer Science. She also decided to extend her time at Syracuse University and earn an MBA at the Martin J. Whitman School of Management

Gordon originally intended to find a job but decided to take advantage of the unique opportunity the Forever Orange Scholarship brings to recent graduates. She shares, “I chose to stay at Syracuse for graduate school because of the Forever Orange Scholarship.  I have always said I wanted to get my MBA at some point, but with this scholarship I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Whitman is a great school to attend and continue my education.”

The Forever Orange Scholarship provides recent graduates half off the tuition of a graduate program at Syracuse University.

“I was very grateful for the Forever Orange Scholarship because it gave me the opportunity to come back to Syracuse, a place I love, and learn more at a school I was not ready to leave just quite yet,” says Gordon.

She adds, “Syracuse University has impacted me by helping me figure out what to do with my life and by bringing me the people that will now be in my life forever.”

Learn more about the Forever Orange Scholarship.

(Gordon posing with a friend before attending a Syracuse men’s basketball game vs. Duke.)
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