Playing My Way Through the MBA

Apart from managing a rigorous MBA schedule, I feel we must take time out for ourselves to do something that makes us happy. For me, that thing is music. I wasn’t able to get my guitar from home, India. However, in my second week of school, a guitar was promised to me by a fellow classmate, and two weeks later I had a guitar to play. (Shout-out to Sergiy for getting me his guitar!)

Before arriving in Syracuse, I did my fair share of research on the University from back home. SU has many clubs and organizations that cater to every individual’s extra-curricular needs. From sports to religion to drama, you will find at least one group of interest to you. Since I am interested in anything to do with music, I decided to join Orange Music Group (OMG). This group includes a mix of undergraduate and graduate students who are responsible for organizing various musical performances across campus. Meetings take place once a week, and this group allows me to have the disconnect I need from academic life.

I also had the opportunity of performing in Whitman’s International Week Talent Show with a group of students. Because of my hectic schedule, the practice sessions served as a stress outlet. We would meet 3-4 times a week to listen to and play music. It’s only been a short time since our performance, and we have already promised each other future jamming sessions.

For me, being able to play my guitar and interact with people who love music as much as I do has really made my transition into the MBA program and this new phase of life much easier. So my advice to anyone considering Whitman’s graduate programs would be to get out and get involved! Sign up for something that really interests you, meet people who share similar interests, forget about your core curriculum for an hour or two every day and most importantly, find a way to keep yourself motivated!

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