Online Program Residencies Offer Unique Courses for Students

Online Program Residencies Offer Unique Courses for Students

Three times per year the Whitman School’s online graduate programs host a residency for students in both domestic and international cities. Each residency focuses on a key theme and students interested in that particular topic may register to attend. 

In January, the Syracuse, New York, on-campus residency featured a
controversial but growing topic – the emerging cannabis industry, exploring how the legalization of cannabis in several states is affecting entrepreneurship, financial investment and political discourse.

Professionals in the field, as well as John Torrens, professor of entrepreneurial practice, described the history and current state of legal cannabis in the United States as a model for entering new markets created by legislative change.Topics included regulations, banking, taxes, operating and investing in the legal
cannabis businesses.

For example, students learned from private equity fund managers with several active investments in the cannabis industry and were able to hear first-hand about the many opportunities and pitfalls of investing in legal cannabis.

“Legalized cannabis in the United States gives us a rare opportunity to witness the development of an entirely new industry in our country,” said Professor Torrens. “As an entrepreneur and teacher of entrepreneurship it was very exciting to bring this cutting-edge content to our MBA@Syracuse students. The cannabis industry offers a unique and provocative case study to help understand the roles of government regulation, and the challenges that entrepreneurs face.