Student Spotlight: Nandita Rebello ’20

headshot of Nandita Rebello

Student Spotlight: Nandita Rebello '20

Hometown: Mumbai, India
Degree: MBA

Nandita Rebello has always been artistic. Since age 4, she studied art and became known for her work in her native India. For a time, she started her own consulting business creating illustrations for real estate developers. Her love of art also inspired her to study architecture, which in turn led her to seven years as a project manager in the construction industry. That would be plenty of accomplishments for most people, but Rebello thought an MBA would help her further expand her skills in construction management.

A good friend had pursued an MBA at the Whitman School, so it was a familiar name. Rebello’s interest was further piqued when Shri Ramakrishnan, assistant director for recruitment, master’s programs, gave a presentation in Mumbai about the Whitman School.

“She was so nice to me and talked about the small class sizes at Whitman, which I really liked,” Rebello said. “I thought smaller class sizes might make for an easier transition from a design background into the business environment. I also liked that Syracuse is close to New York City for networking, internships and other opportunities.”

Rebello’s move to Syracuse was a brand new experience. She enjoys her classes and is very impressed with Whitman’s ability to meet students’ needs. “Back home, we don’t have the ability to customize our classes,” she said. “Now, I have a say in what classes I take, based on my interests.”

Those interests led to an internship last summer with New York City-based Broadway Builders, LLC, a startup general contractor affiliated with The Hudson Companies Inc. and specializing in multifamily construction, preservation renovation and retail spaces. She enjoyed the experience and felt that her professional background, along with the classes she took during the first year of her MBA studies, helped her to succeed.

This year, Rebello is making the most of her time back on campus as president of the Whitman Graduate Student Organization. “I love meeting people, and I have a supportive and enthusiastic team of colleagues,” she said of the leadership experience that works to enrich graduate student experience. She also intends to be more active with the Whitman Real Estate Club, which offers a forum on topics that include architecture, construction, development and management.

Rebello is pleased with her decision to pursue her MBA and hopes to remain in the United States for a while in order to fully embrace the culture and the American way of doing business. But, her heart — and her family — are in Mumbai, so at some point she may consider returning there not only with an MBA but a variety of skills and experiences that are sure to help her continue to succeed.