My Move to Syracuse

The first time I got to know about Syracuse was from a student forum, where a current MS student took a picture of Whitman covered by thick white snow at night which was really beautiful. When I came here in August last year, the campus I saw was even more amazing than the picture. The air is fresh, trees are prosperous, squirrels jump on and off the trees happily, people are friendly …everything is good.

My apartment is on East Genesee Street, a quiet street not far from our university, and it takes about ten to fifteen minutes to walk to Whitman …very convenient. If you come here in September and November, you can see trees with orange and red leaves on each side of the road on campus. It looks like living in a fairy story.

And what about our daily lives? On weekends, we usually go to the supermarket, like Price Chopper or Wegmans to get almost everything we need for a whole week. Since I don’t have a car, my roommate and I need to ask for a ride (or you can take the shuttle bus). People oftentimes are pleased to offer a ride. People love to help each other here in Syracuse University, a senior-year student once told me. Going to the mall in downtown is another thing girls like to do on weekends. However, you should remember the time schedule of shuttle bus in case of missing the last bus to get back.

Now the winter comes, Syracuse has another look. Everywhere you see is covered by white snow. But it’s still beautiful. But if you don’t want to experience the extreme cold outside, staying at home would be a good choice.

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