MBA Reflections: Priyank Patil ’18

In this “MBA Reflections” blog post series, we feature profiles and thoughts from Whitman MBA students graduating in 2018.

Name: Priyank Patil
Hometown: Bangalore, India
Major: MBAMarketing and Business Analytics (May 2018)
Background: B.E. in mechanical engineering
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Why an MBA?
After completing my undergraduate degree, I worked at Daimler, as a Mercedes-Benz research and development engineer, for four years. In early 2014, I, along with three other partners, had an opportunity to conceptualize and incubate an e-commerce startup. By the end of the year, the course of action disintegrated due to supplier generated problems. From the shortcomings experienced during this venture, I realized the need for a specific skillset which an MBA could accomplish.

Why Whitman?
The primary reasons I chose to pursue an MBA at Whitman were the excellent faculty and accommodating community culture. Also, the coursework offered at Whitman is a perfect fit for me, considering my interests in marketing and business analytics.

What have you gained from your time at Whitman?
In addition to the course work, I am also an active member of the Whitman Consulting Club and Franklin Supply Chain Club, which provide me with numerous opportunities to hone my leadership, time management and problem-solving skills through experiential learning.

What is your most memorable moment from your time at Whitman?
It’s difficult to brand one particular moment as most memorable. Life at Syracuse has offered many such moments every day, be it having a Eureka moment while working on an academic project or hanging out with my friends; every moment has been worthwhile so far.

I am interning at Clarke Power Services Inc., as a business operations analyst intern. I am working on creating a database for the company and building a prediction model to achieve preventive maintenance for the fleet service company.

Are your goals or plans different since starting your MBA?
Having identified my core strengths and career progression opportunities, I have slightly deviated from my initial goals since I began my MBA. Instead of pursuing a career in marketing, given my analytical background, I am shaping my career to work in the field of analytics.

What is your dream job?
My dream job is where I can take responsibilities in the key areas to build and grow businesses sustainably by making strategic decisions.

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