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MBA Reflections: Abhishek Nichat

MBA Reflections: Abhishek Nichat

In this “MBA Reflections” blog post series, we will be featuring the profile and thoughts of a selected few Whitman MBA students graduating in 2018.

Name: Abhishek Nichat
Major and Graduation Month/Year: Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Marketing, May 2018
Hometown: Amravati, India
Background: B.A. in computer science
LinkedIn Profile: www.linkedin.com/in/abhishek-nichat

Why an MBA?
After receiving a bachelor of engineering, I worked with India’s largest IT consulting firm, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. for four years. It provided an ideal launch to my career and helped me develop strong analytical skills. Working as a team lead, I used my intuition and experience to manage activities. The job required developing a road-map and setting milestones that helped the team and management achieve long-term objectives. I found the role challenging as it required a combination of management and interpersonal skills. It was then that I decided to strengthen my management skills by learning formal methodologies at a business school. Being involved in a client facing role, I wanted to understand the business from the client’s perspective. An MBA from a prestigious business school has allowed me to enhance my leadership skills and expand my professional network globally.


Why Whitman?
The Martin J. Whitman School of Management’s industry-focused curriculum coupled with experiential learning opportunities help candidates build a competitive edge in today’s ever-changing global business environment.  On-campus clubs and organizations provide a platform to work with established professionals on real-life projects. The small class sizes and easy access to professors make Whitman a collaborative learning environment. The Whitman students support each other’s professional development. You are part of a talented, diverse and close-knit community that fosters lifelong connections.


What have you gained from your time at Whitman?
Joining the Whitman community proved to be a sound decision, both professionally and personally. Whitman provided me an opportunity to meet and collaborate with extremely intelligent people from around the globe. I am proud to be a part of the strong alumni network. I had a chance to interact with a recent Whitman alumna, Pratyusha Dasari, digital marketer at iCrossing. I found her supportive and she willingly provided guidance to progress my career at a media agency. I serve as the president of the Whitman Consulting Club and vice president of communications for the Whitman Graduate Student Organization. The leadership experience that I gained at these organizations is invaluable.


What is your most memorable moment from your time at Whitman?
My most memorable experience at Whitman was participating in the annual talent show during International Week. I participated in a group dance with my fellow classmates and second-year MBA candidates. We won first prize for our entertaining performance. I really enjoyed the dance practice sessions and my key takeaway from this experience was about the incredible results teamwork can achieve.


During the summer, I worked at Thundrmedia, Inc. in New York City as a digital marketing intern. I assisted in developing digital marketing campaigns for several brands in the fashion and automobile industries. I conducted a competitive analysis of the brands by understanding the industry trends and researching clients’ website to understand online marketing objectives. I also created and delivered interactive presentations providing recommendations to the management. I worked with the vice president of marketing to understand, define and document the market survey objectives for consumer product brands.


Are your goals or plans different since starting your MBA?
I won’t say my goals are different, but they have become more specific after pursuing my MBA. I would like to work in the field of digital marketing and utilize the skills that I have developed at Whitman.


What is your dream job?
My dream job would be related to the field of digital marketing. I have been interested in this field since I started my MBA. Digital marketing combines my interests in the field of technology and marketing skills. I hope to continue to hone my skills in both areas, as well as learn more about the digitization of business processes in traditional industries.

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