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Making a career switch

Making a career switch

After a thorough self-assessment of my career goals and values, I realized that the time for me to make a career switch was now. The decision to leave the workforce and enroll in graduate school was one of the toughest choices I’ve had to make, but after seven months at Whitman, I’m convinced it was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made.

Moving 8,000 miles away from home and leaving behind friends, family and a lifetime of memories can be extremely intimidating. From the moment I landed in New York, driving through the picturesque landscape of Syracuse I felt this warmth and I knew that I was going fit in here. All through orientation week (which included a weekend retreat by the lake up in the Adirondacks), we had multiple social events and activities where I got to bond with my new classmates and developed friendships even before classes had officially started.

I had not yet declared a major when I first enrolled at Whitman. My original plan was to come into business school with an open mind and test the waters with my first semester classes. Listening to each professor passionately talk about their field during lectures did not make my decision any easier. From analyzing ad campaigns in marketing class to watching Hayek and Keynes rap battle in economics, classes have been both entertaining and engaging. Sitting in a diverse classroom, the case study discussions have been so thought-provoking, as everyone has a different technique of exploring a solution.

While listing and learning are key aspects in business school, I have always been a big fan of learning by doing, and Whitman allows this. Through the experiential learning curriculum set in place for us, we get to implement what we learn in class into real-life situations. Acting as an academic consultant for a local business, analyzing sales data and developing marketing campaigns were the highlight of my first semester, and these are just the start of what’s to come for myself and my fellow classmates.

These experiences have helped shape my current mindset, and though I am now more leaning towards a future in marketing, the opportunities ahead of me are endless. From being advised on leveraging my past experiences, along with the technical skills that have become second-nature now, I know that my future will be bright.  Also, it doesn’t hurt to have such an amazing professional network and consistent help from our awesome Career Center here at Whitman!

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