Let the journey begin…

Greetings Everyone! My name is Porsche Nichols. I am originally from Los Angeles, California and began my journey to obtain a Master’s degree at Syracuse University last summer to pursue my MBA in Marketing and MS in New Media Management. I graduated from UCLA undergrad where I received my BA in African-American Studies and Film/TV. Upon completion of undergraduate degree I worked at The Africa Channel where I quickly moved up the ranks fulfilling several positions ranging from Administrative Assistant to Manager of Production & Development. The Africa Channel is the first cable station in the US that features all African programming and I am considered to be a founding employee. My love affair with marketing began toward the end of my career as I started to get more involved in campaign development. I quickly realized I had a natural talent and decided to go back to school to complement it with formal training.

My experience at the Whitman School of Management and S.I. Newhouse School of Communications has been one full of educational challenges, career guidance and personal development. This holistic improvement is why I was able to attain an internship this summer at a globally recognized brand company. I thought my background would hinder me from being considered for such an opportunity but it turns out that my background complements my duties as an Assistant Brand Manager Intern.

Through my internship I expect to be challenged and forced to think outside the box in many aspects of the job. As I journey through my summer internship I look forward to sharing my experience and areas of growth. Summer is here so let the fun begin….

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