KeyBank Case Competition – Davis Hull ’13 MBA

Can you say pressure to perform on a big stage?  This was our feeling leading up to the Key Bank Case Competition in Cleveland, OH on 2/24 – 2/25.  This was the first case competition that myself and the other members of our team had participated in. While we had done dozens of case analysis and presented plenty of times in class, this was different.

While we did not place in the competition, we learned so much.  We sat in on competitors presentations and saw different ways to convey our message.  We talked to the judges afterwards and found out exactly what they liked and did not like about all the different school presentations.   This feedback was useful as it helps us get better for the future.

Secondly, we were able to network with other MBA students from 17 different schools across the country.   At these types of events it’s always a hodgepodge of seeing old friends and meeting new ones.  From Pre-MBA events this past summer, to the National Black MBA conference in the fall, to recent job interviews; I see the see the same people over and over.  In talking to my mentors they say that you will see the same people throughout your professional lives as you climb the ranks of corporate America.  The relationships that you establish today will be of critical importance down the road.

Finally, this was a great opportunity to learn about Key Bank’s business units and culture.  We networked with recruiters, middle and senior management.  KeyBank is definitely a culture of openness, teamwork, work/life balance and respect.  These are trends I noticed amongst all the employees I met as many had been with the company 10-35 years.

All in all it was a great experience that I look forward to participating in again next year.