Pursuing dreams far away from home …

Hello !! I’m Ishani and am currently a first year MBA student at Syracuse University, majoring in Supply Chain Management and Finance. I was born and raised on a beautiful island, Sri Lanka, which is in the middle of the Indian Ocean. I graduated from college with an Electrical Engineering degree and possess about 3 years of work experience. Looking back at how I got here, I would say it was in my destiny to study at Syracuse University. Apart from many others who comes to the university, I have a slightly different story to unveil. It was around April when I got to know that I would be coming to Syracuse. That is not for ‘my’ education, but for my husband’s. When I got married to Chulaka, in August 2011, I was determined that I would pursue my higher studies with him. However it was just too late for the 2011 admissions in order to start parallel with him. When I came to Syracuse, I was astonished by the beauty of the city Syracuse, probably because it was the best time of the year, the fall and seeing the fall colors for the first time in my life.

I worked for one year as a Business Analyst in the US for my previous employer, WSO2 Inc., which was very flexible professionally to allow me to work remotely. However, I was determinedto start grad school as soon as possible and here I am pursuing my MBA at Syracuse University. The transition from the work life back to school was very smooth. As I was local, I was one of the few ‘lucky’ people who were able to work with the professors, career services to better prepare myself before commencing the program. They were really helpful in sorting all my doubts and leading me to the path I came back to school for and the transition was very smooth as I knew most of the professors and staff even before we start classes for the semester.

I guess that’s pretty much it for today and I look forward in posting my experiences with the MBA program so far !!

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