Internship Season – Davis Hull ’13 MBA

Class in the morning, group projects in the afternoon and filling out internship applications/calling contacts in the evening, sleep, shower, and repeat.

This has been my life since late December when I started applying for internships.  While I only started applying in December, 2011,  I had networked throughout the summer and fall.  I found that this has been far more important when applying, rather than skills, experience or GPA.  My numerous trips to New York City helped to establish relationships at a number of companies and allowed me to get my foot in door.

I plan to remain in the financial services industry, so with the current economy hiring has not been the best.  Thus it is even more important to secure an internship in your chosen field, as many companies only hire from the internship pool and do not have availability in the fall to make offers for additional spots.  I have gotten five interviews so far and I am batting about 50%.  While I have received no formal offers, I am pretty close with a few companies and I still have requests for more first round interviews in the coming weeks.

The Whitman career center has been a huge help in reviewing my resume, refining my pitch and helping me to keep my sanity by telling me everything will be ok.