Hello Everyone

Hello, my name is JT Miranda and I am currently a student in the MSF program at Syracuse University. I’m concentrating my studies in Investment Analysis, while also hoping to learn more about the Real Estate side of finance. I graduated from undergraduate school with a degree in Business Administration, and a minor in Accounting.   Having been born and raised in Syracuse, I have been on the campus a great deal of times while growing up. I have plenty of memories walking around the campus attending various sporting events and concerts, and always enjoying the exciting and energized atmosphere. Now being a student at Syracuse University, rather than a fan or spectator, it’s been great to see the school is so much more. My first couple of months have been filled with teachers who not only help me learn, but force me to challenge myself while doing so. Additionally, getting to meet and build friendships with my classmates from all over the world has been a great experience unto itself. Being from Syracuse, it’s been a unique opportunity getting a chance to learn from my friends from Pakistan, India, China, and a handful of other cultures. Whether it be working on an assignment with a diverse group of classmates, attending a Wall Street Prep Workshop, or hearing the Dalai Lama speak at a One World concert in the Carrier Dome, my first semester at Whitman has helped me grow and learn in all aspects both inside and outside the classroom.

Before coming to Whitman, I gathered a diverse group of internship experiences. Most recently, I worked at Community Bank’s corporate headquarters in Syracuse. The two biggest projects I helped with this past summer were the implementation of a new stock compensation plan for employees, and I also worked with the bank’s Chief Human Resource Officer in developing a succession plan for the senior executives. Both were great experiences that allowed me to learn about different parts of finance and business. Previous to my internship at Community Bank, I worked at Wells Fargo Financial Advisors where I assisted a group of advisors by performing investment analysis.  My boss, along with many other employees in the office, graduated from Syracuse and spoke very highly of the Whitman School.  It was my experience interning at Wells Fargo that really made me want to both pursue a career in Finance, and also attend Syracuse to best prepare me for that next step in life.

I look forward to communicating the rest of my experience at Whitman to all of you going forward. Take care.

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