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My name is Rebecca Schied, I am 22 years old, and from a tiny town called Bradford, NY. I have always been into sports and have played tennis, basketball, softball, and rugby. I am also a huge fan of football and I love the Seattle Seahawks and Buffalo Bills. Beyond sports, I like to play violin and trumpet, and watch tv (especially comedies). I did my undergrad at Niagara University, a small university in Niagara Falls, NY, and obtained a bachelor’s degree in marketing with minors in philosophy and psychology. From there I went straight to Syracuse’s Whitman School of Management to earn a Masters of Business Administration degree in marketing. I am currently in my first year at Whitman and am enjoying every minute of it. I am a member of the Whitman Consulting Club, Toastmasters International, Whitman Women in Business (where I was recently elected VP of Marketing and Communications), and was selected to be part of the Syracuse University Duke Games Team.

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