Fresh Start!

Hello Everyone! I am Shweta Srinivaz and I am a soon-to–be second year MBA student, majoring in Marketing and Supply Chain. I am really excited and thankful for the opportunity to be part of our Whitman blog team! Before I share my internship experiences, I would first like to introduce myself.

I was born and raised in the city of Bangalore, India. I graduated from PES School of Engineering with a Bachelor in Electronics and Communications Engineering. During my senior year of college, I attended an entrepreneurship workshop that was being conducted by the school. Little did I know that this workshop would bring me half way across the world to get an MBA!

As a result of a business plan competition that I won at the end of the course, I started my own little venture that created an online platform for mid-sized retailers.  My entrepreneurial experience for a year paved the way for me to work with several other start-ups and also work for a corporate giant, Caterpillar – India, enabling me to see both sides of the coin and helping me realize the gaps in my managerial skills.

In order to bridge these gaps, I came to Syracuse in the fall of 2011 and joined the MBA program. The Whitman community has been extremely generous in creating opportunities for us to discover and demonstrate our leadership skills both as part of the coursework and otherwise. The MBA program contains several experiential learning modules as part of the coursework where we get to interact with local firms and apply our classroom learning.

Student clubs such as Toastmasters and Whitman Women in Business are a great platform to work with our peers and interact with students from several distinct disciplines. These clubs provide an opportunity for students to interact with alumni and speakers from the industry. Not to forget, the Class of 2013 is hugely responsible for making me feel at home!

I am currently interning with GENCO ATC, Pittsburgh for the summer. Genco is North America’s second largest third party logistics company and is actively involved in Inventory Liquidation and Reverse Logistics. I am working as an Online Marketing Associate for their B2C website,

My experiences in the beautiful city of bridges and at Genco have been very exciting so far. I look forward to detailing them in my following posts. Thank you for reading!

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