Dave Bauer Pursues MBA After 15 years in the Military

Dave Bauer, after leaving active military duty, decided to pursue an MBA through Syracuse University‘s MBA@Syracuse program. As a veteran, he detailed some of the thoughts he had for his motivation to continue on with his degree and what he was looking forward to with going back to business school.

“I am really looking forward to seeing the more “conventional” business side of companies outside of the Department of Defense construct,” said Bauer. “I feel that this course of study will expand my horizons and potential career opportunities.”

Bauer was most interested in the flexibility of the MBA@Syracuse program; it’s a program that still allows him to spend time with his wife and kids as well continue with his career.

Although Bauer has finished his active duty in the military, his career is still in the Department of Defense as a Contractor. However, eventually he will want to apply the skills he gains to either start his own company or work with another start up some time in the future.

Read the entire interview with Dave Bauer here.

Sarah Graham