An Opportunity to Experience

-Content by Jack Weigle ’14 MBA-

I completed  an experiential learning project this past semester for my Corporate Financial Policy & Strategy class with Professor Barkley. We worked with Driver’s Village to determine whether or not the company should enter into an interest rate swap on their line of credit. Driver’s Village is the largest automotive group in central NY with 21 new car franchises and over 60 years in the automotive business.

Throughout the semester we learned about swaps and what the implications of making a swap would be. At the end of the semester we compiled our results and were able to present to the CEO, Chief Accountant, and other executives of the company. The chance for us to interact with these individuals in the business world was a great opportunity not only to learn first hand but also to network.  This project provided us with real world experience in a field that most people don’t get the chance to delve into.