Live With the Kenya Cultural Immersion Trip Travel Team from Nairobi, Kenya

Recorded Zoom Conference With the Kenya Cultural Immersion Trip Travel Team From Nairobi, Kenya

The Kenya Cultural Immersion Trip Travel Team from Nairobi, Kenya held a live Zoom conference during their trip in May. Check out the updates from how the trip went, as well as updates from the team's representatives at two global partners, Tirzah Bazaar and South South Women.

The team led a discussion with Stacia Hiramine and Zaynah Khanbhai who have worked closely with professor Elizabeth Wimer's SOM 354 Managing in a Global Setting course throughout the Spring 2022 semester. Each member of the team shares how they are adjusted to cultural norms within Kenyan culture as well as the implementation of student ideas and proposals in these two organizations.

  • Stacia Hiramine is the Creative Communications Director for Tirzah Bazaar, the global marketplace of Tirzah International that curates artisan goods from female Kenyan artisans. Stacia has served non-profits, impact organizations, and businesses around the world. Students in SOM354 have had the opportunity to connect with Stacia regarding the business operations, marketing, and strategy of Tirzah Bazaar and facilitated a student-led project to improve the company in these areas.
  • Zaynah Khanbhai is an African woman, an entrepreneur leading conscious business and creating international cooperation initiatives. She has worked with SOM354 courses this spring regarding South South Women (SSW) is an international network of female role models; each and collaboratively evolving on their personal journeys, sharing wisdom and engaging in impact initiatives to bridge the global north and global south.
Dawn McWilliams