Exchange Student Returns to Syracuse for Another Semester

Daniel Chuardy ’23, the first exchange student coming from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in Shenzhen, China, spent the past semester at the Martin J. Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University.  

When looking at his options for exchange programs, Chuardy found Syracuse University to be at the top of his list. His familiarity with the University through its notable alumni network had Chuardy intrigued about the potential opportunity. Additionally, the global business management student was looking forward to having the chance to be back in a classroom. 

Chuardy says, “My university at home has been all online the past two years due to the pandemic restrictions in China. When I was accepted into the exchange program, I was really excited because for the first time in so long I would be able to study at an on-campus location.”

Initially, Chuardy felt anxious leading up to the semester overseas. Obtaining a visa and flying into the U.S. during a pandemic were nerve-wracking. However, upon arrival, he felt nothing but excitement, especially when he saw snow for the first time. 

Chuardy made sure to waste no time during his semester in Syracuse. He was continuously checking the calendar for different events and activities to make sure he made the most of his short time at the University. Some of the opportunities he took advantage of were attending a camping trip to the Adirondacks, going to Orange After Dark events and finding on-campus jobs. 

Through participating in different activities and working at the Graham Dining Hall and the University’s campus store, he was able to make friends quickly. Additionally, Chuardy enjoyed meeting his classmates through his participation in class discussions. He noticed that Whitman professors encourage students to share their thoughts and ideas, and he made sure to take every opportunity to be involved. Since taking classes online at home, interacting in class was something Chuardy was not used to, but prefered this way of learning.  

As the semester was coming to an end, Chuardy felt one semester at Syracuse was not enough. He was eager to continue taking classes in subjects that have never been an option for him, such as retail management and entrepreneurship. 

Chuardy reached out to his advisor at his home university to see if he could return for another semester. He was thrilled when he found out the school was happy to have him spend the fall at the University. 

He is looking forward to all the different events and opportunities upon his return to campus this fall, specifically attending football games and more in-person classes.

“I am really grateful for this exchange program, and I am really happy I am able to stay for another semester. I would like to encourage other students to take up study abroad programs. It allows you opportunities you could never imagine,” he says. 

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Anna Rooney