Toyota Representative Visits Whitman To Dispel Stigma Of Women In the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is making a comeback and with that comes more job opportunities for young professionals. There is a plethora of young professionals that are bright, qualified, and would make a truly valuable addition to a team within the automotive industry. For some, there is a stigma that prevents them from considering the industry for a career path and this stigma is higher amongst women. For non-car enthusiasts you may find yourself saying: I don’t have a passion for cars. I know some of the car brands and how to fill a tank of gas but nothing about the engine. I wouldn’t fit in.

It is for the reasons above and more that Sharon Matisak, Customer First Manager at Toyota’s New York Regional Office came to speak with members of the student group Whitman Women in Business and other attendees about Toyota and its culture. Sharon shared her journey of entering, excelling, and climbing up the ladder within a male-dominated industry.  She expressed that while there are many qualified male candidates out there, there are also many qualified females that can offer a new perspective to the organization and contribute to its growth.

Seeing the industry making a point to reach out, encourage, and offer guidance and advice to an audience who may not have considered the industry for a career is beyond encouraging.

Toyota at WWiB
Sharon Matisak Speaks at Whitman Women in Business Meeting Photo Credit: WWiB Laura Contero
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