Syracuse University’s Entrepreneurship Club Attends Harvard’s SPARK Conference

On Nov. 14 the Syracuse University Entrepreneurship Club took a trip to Boston to take part in Harvard University’s annual one-day Entrepreneurship Conference, SPARK. The conference was an exciting opportunity to connect with and learn from renowned entrepreneurs, investors, experts and aspiring student entrepreneurs from all over the country. Keynote speakers at the conference were Phil Libin, co-founder and executive chairman of Evernote and James Reinhart, CEO of thredUP.

The day started with a pitch competition for student entrepreneurs who are working on their own start-up companies. The students who pitched had incredible business concepts that included cheap and innovative lung cancer screening kits and solar panel fields for community sharing. The winner of the competition was awarded $1,500 to invest in their company. The rest of the day was broken down into hour-long sessions where speakers shared their experiences in entrepreneurship and teachers gave lessons in various fields of study related to entrepreneurship.

In these sessions attendees learned how to fund a start-up, code a website, be a student entrepreneur, distinguish a customer-base, grow a business, create a team and develop a product among other lessons. In the middle of the day, some students from Syracuse University also competed in a start-up game where participants assumed the roles of employee, CEO and investor. The participants then had to form teams for their businesses where CEO’s hired employees and investors chose businesses to invest in to win the title of ‘most successful and profitable business.’ Members of the SU Entrepreneurship Club were on the winning team!

The day ended with a networking opportunity where all attendees received ample time to connect with students who attended the conference from other schools. Syracuse University Entrepreneurship Club members made connections with students from Harvard University, MIT, Boston University, Babson University, Dartmouth University and many other schools. This event was just one of the many opportunities that Entrepreneurship Club offers its club members throughout the year.

Students from every college here at Syracuse University are invited to join Entrepreneurship Club. The club offers members the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship, participate in these events and make connections with accomplished entrepreneurs from around the country who speak at the club’s meetings on campus. Members will also meet and connect with other ambitious students that share the same passion and drive to become successful entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship Club meets Monday Nights at 8 p.m. in Whitman room 002. If you would like to be on the listserv or would like to know more information, please contact Colleen O’Connor or Xinye Zou.

Ethan Waltersdorf