American Marketing Association Executive Board Leads Major Remodeling

The American Marketing Association (AMA) chapter at Whitman School of Management has recently gone through a remodeling phase this semester spearheaded by co-presidents Joey Howard and Josh Fyffe. As active AMA members, they understand the impact this organization has on its current members and want to continue promoting interest and the study of marketing at Whitman. The AMA executive board has worked diligently towards multiple initiatives, one which includes bringing in guest speakers to discuss their marketing experiences. If you see any of the following AMA e-board members around Whitman, feel free to stop and congratulate them on a job well done.

AMA Executive Board

Joey Howard – Co-President

As co-president, Joey works alongside Josh Fyffe to manage the executive board and run their weekly meetings. They communicate with marketing professionals in order to set up meetings and events for AMA members to connect with industry professionals and expand their knowledge of the industry.

“Serving in this position for AMA has shown me how important it is to have a great team working with you in order to be successful. None of what we accomplished this semester would have been possible without this group of people and without our active members. We really hope to continue this momentum going forward and we have some great plans for the future,” said Joey.

Josh Fyffe – Co-President

As co-president of AMA, Josh represents the relationship between the Whitman School of Management, AMA’s esteemed guest speakers, and the club members. He leads weekly meetings in collaboration with other representatives and instills professional practices in all of his work.

“AMA has impacted my college career by giving me the opportunity to develop my leadership ability. I’ve been able to direct the advancement of a field-driven organization that I am passionate about while building connections with marketing professionals along the way. My involvement in AMA has catalyzed my personal and professional growth,” said Josh.

Tom Kalaj – Vice President of Communications

As vice president of communications, Tom manages all of AMA’s social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter, to facilitate communication between the executive board and members. In addition, he records attendance for administrative use, conducts surveys, and updates AMA on OrgSync.

“Experiencing and being a part of AMA’s transformation into a successful organization has been incredible. The best part about coming into an organization like this is pitching a lot of new ideas and seeing what does/doesn’t work for trying to improving the club. Fortunately, a cohesive e-board helped shaped AMA to be a strong organization for those interested in marketing. This leadership experience is definitely something I can take forward with me and apply to future internship positions,” said Tom.

Amanda Leonard – Vice President of Community Service

As the vice president of community service, Amanda heads the WeThrive community service initiative, where AMA sends a group of members to work with Syracuse City students to teach them the fundamentals of entrepreneurship.

“AMA has given me the chance to go back to the basics of business and brainstorm strategies to inspire students and help them recognize potential opportunities,” said Amanda.

Marshall Ruffing – Vice President of Finance/Presidential Understudy

As the vice president of finance, Marshall allocates funds for weekly club meeting supplies and develops strategies for maximizing budget efficiency.

“The American Marketing Association has really confirmed my interest for marketing and has helped me become more involved throughout Whitman,” said Marshall.

Abigail Hamilton – Vice President of Professional Events

As vice president of professional events, Abigail organizes and assists the American Marketing Association’s professional events, conceptualizes marketing-based professional networking opportunities for all members’ benefit, and recruits relevant professionals at weekly AMA meetings.

“AMA has been overwhelmingly valuable and impactful from the beginning of my Whitman career. I entered Whitman unsure if marketing was a field I was interested in pursuing, but through the passionate community at AMA, I realized that marketing is a direction in which I can genuinely impact consumers,” said Abigail.

Logan Margolis – Vice President of University Relations/Promotions

As vice president of University relations/promotions, Logan acts as the liaison between AMA and Whitman by sharing information with Whitman students through MyWhitman and digital signage in the building. Furthermore, he organizes and oversees all promotional efforts to encourage membership, such as tabling during the beginning of the semester.

“AMA has been an invaluable experience for me to grow personally and professionally. In addition to my coursework, AMA has given me a deeper understanding of the broad field of marketing and everything that I can possibly do post-graduation. I have also had the opportunity to network with professionals from every aspect of the industry, providing me with great advice and resources for the internship/career search,” said Logan.

Natalie Zazzarra – Vice President of Fundraising

As the vice president of fundraising, Natalie is in charge of planning and executing all fundraising events for the chapter.

“For a lot of our meetings we bring in outside speakers to share insights about their current companies and previous industry experiences. While these speakers have been amazing connections, we often forget that our own peers are our future network of connections. Not only our executive board, but AMA as a whole, has really exposed me to a lot of Whitman students that I wouldn’t have been able to meet and connect with otherwise,” said Natalie.

In a meeting that AMA held last week, three members were elected to fulfill responsibilities for their respective positions taking effect in January 2016. Their qualifications and passion has been noticed and are these students are trusted to perform at their fullest potential once spring semester commences. Those three students are listed below:

Newly Elected Members

Daniel Strauss – Presidential Understudy

Daniel intends to double major in marketing and finance. The position I will be holding next semester is Presidential Understudy. Over the course of the semester I hope to help the club grow in membership and to further diversify the content of our meeting by integrating more interactive and hands-on activities.

“Joining the American Marketing Association has been one of the best decisions I have made as a first semester freshman. It has been a great way to meet representatives from tons of marketing companies and older students within Whitman, which has helped me establish a network early on in my college career,” said Daniel.

Delaney Wehn – Vice President of Communications

As a freshman in Whitman this semester, AMA gave Delaney a great starting point to begin to learn how to network within and beyond the walls of Whitman. “I am thrilled to now have the opportunity to give back to AMA and improve its internal communications and external image,” said Delaney. “AMA has definitely laid the best foundation possible for my next three years at Whitman in many ways. Not only have I had the pleasure of meeting like-minded friends and outside speakers, but I have also learned invaluable networking skills to continue expanding these connections that I have formed.”

Anweih Cox – Presidential Understudy

“I hope through this position I can gain a new understanding of the infrastructure of Whitman organizations and how they can serve as a resource for Whitman students while simultaneously linking me with professional people in the marketing industry,” said Anweih. “Being in AMA has opened my eyes to many different career paths and internship opportunities relevant to the field such as networking with IBM and Trunk Club Outfitters.”

AMA has seen positive strides in just a few months and now the bar is set high for next semester. Determined, this cohesive executive board knows how to operate in order to create positive change for their entire organization. Although holding a position with power may be stressful, these students find ways to benefit AMA while having fun at the same time. Each member enjoys their involvement with the club and cannot wait to see what’s in store for the spring semester.

If you have any interests in marketing and/or the American Marketing Association, please reach out to Joey Howard or Josh Fyffe. Attendance is highly recommended, as meetings are engaging and educational. Feel free to stop in to any of the AMA meetings, held in room 002 of Whitman every Tuesday at 7 PM.