Alumni of the Week: Zachariah Clickman ’15

ZACHWhen I was a child, I had always dreamed of going to Syracuse University. But my path once I was there was not always completely laid out. My original plan was to double major in marketing at Whitman School of Management and sports management in the David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics. As my first semester was coming to an end, I started to realize that Whitman was giving me all of the tools, resources and knowledge to enter any industry I wanted. I thought to myself, “Why would I restrict myself to “sports” management when Whitman teaches me how to lead all types of people?”

Quickly after that epiphany, I picked up the EEE major and finance major. I chose EEE, because I liked the idea of becoming my own boss and it dealt primarily with the complexities that constitute a great leader. I chose finance because my freshman year roommate and I would discuss the intricacies of the market and how reactive it was to real world events. It always fascinated me and it sounded like it could be a challenge, although it was not the only challenge Whitman gave me.

One of the greatest challenges (and experiences) I faced was studying abroad in Madrid. I learned so much about myself during that semester. I learned how to become task-oriented in order to have time to explore the world around me. I learned that I loved to travel and experience new cultures. Lastly, I learned I could survive in unknown territory so far from home.

When I returned from Madrid, I had a newfound confidence that allowed me to become more vocal and involved in the Whitman community. Whitman School of Management offers a variety of clubs in order to make your voice heard. I joined the Financial Management Association (FMA) and was invited to become a member of Beta Gamma Sigma. By the end of my junior year, I was elected to leadership positions in both and landed an internship at Principal Financial Group, which was my first hands-on sales experience.

As a senior, I had two simple tasks: make an impact and get a job. The first task I accomplished by building relationships with the wonderful faculty at Whitman as well as re-branding and re-building Beta Gamma Sigma. The second task I found difficult. For months, I applied to various positions in the greater New York metropolitan area and received little feedback. I credit the Career Center and specifically Michael LaMarche for keeping me focused and motivated.

CPEX Real Estate first sparked my interest at a Career Fair event and then later again when we invited the COO Gregory Roberts back for a FMA event. I loved the sound of the work environment for a real estate firm that uses a team-based approach, so I applied and, after a series of interviews, was offered a position.

So far, CPEX has been an amazing place to work. The environment is supportive and positive. As of now, I am studying for my real estate exam as I am cataloging properties for CPEX. In my free time, I explore different neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens in preparation for my full-time position. I am looking forward to my future at CPEX and whatever else is in store for me.

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